Who ever knows what is feijoada, automatically identifies it as a Brazilian dish. And it’s true, but also it’s not.

Feijoada is a dish that had suffer the transformation from the European dishes made in some way similar.

Mistakenly is said that the dish was created from the slaves from the leftovers of the food from thePortuguese, but story says that all over Europe there is a dish that is made with different meats that is boiled with vegetables, in Portugal we have the Cozido, Casoeula in Itália, Puchero in Spain.

So during the empires times, Portuguese brought to Brazil the techniques and the mixes of different meats with vegetables.

With time, the dish was changed accordingly to the tradition and ingredients from Brazil

It is also true that from different regions from Portugal there are different dishes called Feijoada, or same dish with some variations.

The Brazil version is made is red bean.Rice is included in all most version.

For this time we going more like  “Feijoada Poveira”, with the name that comes from the city where it comes from Póvoa do Varzim


Serves 4

In water boil the meat ( ribs,cured meat and lard) for about 30 min/45 min.

Take the meat out and reserve the water. Cut the ribs and sliced the cured meat;

In a pan, fry the diced onion in olive oil. After it soften add the carrots,garlic, tomatoes, bay leaf and some parsley and let it smooth for 10 min.

Add the meat to the pan, and also part of the water where you boiled the meat.Add the beans. Let it simmer  and taste for seasoning.You can add tomato paste if you want to give more flavour.

The consistency should be like a stew but the liquid should be a little bit thick. Take it from the stove and add some parsley.


Normally is served also with plain rice.