• How do i search for products that are gluten or lactose free or some other dietary need?

In every product it says if it contains one of the majors allergens, but you can also search in the collections menu for the "gluten free", " lactose" and others menu. If you are in doubt, don't worry contact us and we find the best solution for you

  • How do i keep in touch of the promotions and/or any others news from your website?

 By joining us, you get the best information first. Recipes, promotions, new products and much more.

  • Can i ask some special attention ( like gift card, or name addressed, etc) in some order?

Sure can, in your order, just write in the note field  your desire and we take care of it.

  • I want to make a order now but only want to receive it later in some specific date

No worries. In the order go to "Note" field and add that information and we will send you the order when you want

  • I am a supplier and want to show you my product and have it in Good Stuff store

Great. Just get in touch with us with your information (name, city, website, and products and brief description of the company, and contact) and we will be in touch, Is always good have something good

  • What is the procedure after i done the order?

First we will send you a confirmation order to your email ( check you spam folder if you haven't received).Soon the order is fulfilled, you will receive a tracking number where you can track your order.

  • I didn't receive my package

If you don't receive your package and the tracking code says it was delivered, get in contact with us and we will resolve this situation and find what happen with your order

  • Shipping vs Quality

Because we care about the quality of the products, and how you receive them and want to make sure that they reach your house with most quality, we only ship cheese and/or cured meat between Monday to Wednesday to assure less time of the product waiting in warehouse


  • Are all products Portuguese?

We work mainly with Portuguese products. Products that represent the country, their culture and quality. Besides that we also work with Finnish producers; local, good quality, that represent the best that Finland has to offer. Is it possible for some special reason and only extraordinarily that you find a product from a different country

  • If a product is out of stock can i order it?
We try always to have the products show available to buy. Of course that sometimes we can run out of some product. You can always order from the website a "out of stock" product or emails us; we can even suggest a new good stuff in substitution. A product that is out of stock takes in average between 20 to 28 days to arrive.