Chicken Piri Piri

The Portuguese chicken piri piri is known a little bit all over the world. In Portuguese Frango no churrasco à portuguesa is made by roast the chicken in a barbecue but you can do it in your oven if you don’t have one. In the discovery ages Portugal went, among other countries, to Mozambique where they brought the piri piri( chili). Times after this recipe was made being tasted a little bit all over the world.



Depending of your taste for spicy food, the amount of chilies can vary and as well if you want to use with seeds or without.Cut the chilies and add them in a blender. Also the paprika,garlic and salt. Cover with olive oil and add juice of half lemon. Blend it well.

Cover the chicken with the sauce and leave it for a couple of hours or one day if it’s possible.

Pre heat the oven for 190º degress or heat up your barbecue. Rinse the chicken from the sauce and put in the oven/barbecue. Add a little bit of salt and brush the chicken with the sauce as long it will roast. Half a hour each side will be enough. You want that it gets that little bit of roast colour tasting the smoke but too much.

Served with roasted vegetables and a crispy lettuce and tomato portuguese salad.