Chardonnay jam with honey and peppermint tea infusion pannacotta

What happens when you mix 3 of our products? Good Stuff happens.


This Pannacotta is perfect for those lazy Sundays, when you want something sweet but not the effort to do it.

The Sweetness of the jam and the honey balances perfectly with our organic peppermint tea



Serves 4

In small glass cups and 2 spoon of jam to each glass and put in the freezer half a hour to hour to set.Put them in the fridge after and take them out when the pannacota is ready to pour.

Add the jelly shots to cold water.

In a pan add the cream, the milk and the honey and as well the tea with infusion. Let it boil and turn of the stove and let the infusion stands for 3 minutes.

Add the jelly shots and take the infusion of the tea.Pour the mixture in the glasses and put it back in the fridge to set.