Alentejo pudding with pumpkin jam Boa Boca

In Alentejo there is a big tradition in desserts and if you ever visit that region it's a must try more than one pastry shop and restaurant and try the traditional desserts.

This one, the difference of the normal pudding is the usage of the jam on it. For this recipe you use the pumpkin jam Boa Boca. If you want to go even more traditional use a Asian pumpkin jam.




Whisk 9 egg yolks with 2 eggs whites and set aside. Bring the sugar to the boil with the water will it reach the 101º. Remove from the heat and add the ground almonds, flour and the pumpkin jam.Add the egg mixture and mix it well.

Put the mixture in a container greased with butter and bake it in 160º for 45 minutes or till it’s cooked. Try it with a spoon of the jam. It taste even better. Enjoy!