• These pretzels are making me thirsty

October 06, 2016

If you are a Seinfeld fan, you know this sentence and have repeated it lots of times.But do you know where pretzels come from?


So as the story goes, the pretzels come from Italy around 610 by a monk. So the monk would bake strips of dough that he folded into a shape resembling a child crossing its arms in prayer. Then he would give them to children, which he called "pretiolas", who had memorized their prayers.But like many of old stories, there is no documentation that proves that. In fact searching a little bit further, the monk also happens to be French or even the story is about bakers held hostages in Germany.

So when it really show up? The first record that exists is in 1111 in German's baker's guild.

But pretzels were carrying always a strong religious symbol. There is a picture of St. Bartholomew surrounds by them because they were considered a sign of good luck and spiritual wholeness That good luck sign carried during centuries into different holidays: New Year's day, Christmas, Easter...

But those pretzels were different than the hard ones we are used to.

Those ones were soft, the hard ones that we know started to get know in 1861 when Julius Sturgis created the first commercial pretzel bakery and it's believed that he develop the first hard pretzels. And from there on, they pretzels start becoming popular in America and Germany especially. You can read more about it here and here.

And if this pretzels story is not making you thirsty but hungry here you have a recipe to do it at home


Source: Today i found out; History


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