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October 22, 2016

Finland and foraging walk side by side, being 2/3 of Finland been covered by forests.

Among the foraging, lingonberry is one of the berries that exist on this beautiful forests!

The lingonberry shrub can reach 30 cm height and the leaves are of a light and dark green. Lingonberry grows in Finland a lot. In fact, is the most common shrub found in the forests.

According to the artic-flavours " can (...) be found in pine or spruce bogs, in herb-rich forests, on rocky outcrops, on mountain heaths and at the edges of fields."

Is during the end August until the beginning of October the best time pick them up.

Even that they are not rich in vitamin C, comparing with other berries, they are full of vitamin E and a good source of fibre.

With lingonberry you can make jam, sauces for meat, garnish, juice and more.

Need more ideas? See some of this recipes:

Mustard roasted salmon with lingonberry sauce

Syksyinen puolukkapiirakka 




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