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October 04, 2016

Created by Adriano Ramos Pinto in 1880, Casa Ramos Pinto fast became known especially for being so innovative.

Since the beginning, quality bottled wines was their trade mark and with that they start working with the Brazilian Market and after, exporting to South America.  

With that, and also because Europe start knowing their wines, the Ramos Pinto wine become a reference of quality.

Something that Casa Ramos Pinto understood since the beginning it was that the wine quality starts in the heart of Douro region and because of that they took ownership of a number of estates in the Demarcated region.

Besides that quality of the grapes and region, a personal touch and autonomy is what gives the wine a unique touch.

Casa Ramos Pinto have 4 estates: Bom Retiro, Urtiga, Bons Ares and Ervamoira.

Bom Retiro was bought in 1919 and is one of the oldest of the region. It's located in the Douro region and is near the river Torto. More than 50% of the wines have more than 40 years old! And all wines are red.Good Stuff i guarantee.

The Bons ares is dated back to the Roman Times and was bought in 1985. It was bought for various reasons: High altitude, making the climate milder in the Summer; its proximity to the Quinta da Ervamoira and because of the granitic soil is possible to produce more acidic and fresher grapes.

Casa Ramos Pinto dedicates to Port wines and non-fortified wines.

From the non-fortified, all of them are worth trying but the Duas Quintas Red and white Reserve are our choices for this week. A meticulous selection of the best grapes from Ervamoira and Bons Ares is done and then the process is done vineyard by vineyard, variety by variety.

From the Port wines, Terroir Gold. A Tawny wine with 10,20 or 30 years old and the Terroir Platinium that is only produced in unique and special years. 

Casa Ramos Pinto is a history wine house, that produces since their beginning wine with amazing quality that worth tasting, and tasting and tasting.


Source: Ramos Pinto

See more:http://www.ramospinto.pt/


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