• Pastel de Belém

October 04, 2016

One of the things that every one should try once in their life, speacilly if you are in Portugal in the Pastél Belém. A small sweet pastrie made in Belém, that lift up any down spirit. Served with icing sugar and/or cinnamon or just plain.The chances that you eat one and feel good to go are slim. You just have to go to another.

The stories starts in the year of 1820 when the liberal revolution came and in 1834 all monasteries and convents were shuted down. In the Heironymite Monastery, near the Jerónimos Monastery, it started to be sold sweet pastries that in short time start to be known as Pastéis de Belém.

So in 1837, the baking of Pastéis de Belém started till the days of today. They follow a secret and ancient recipe that only the masters confectioners know and it has been unchanged till today.


Many attempts, spying and other stories have been happenig during all this time to get that secret recipe.

Some facts:

  • Per day in average 25 thousand pastéis de belém are made
  • It was considered the 15 th best delicacy in the world
  • Because the name "Pastél de Belém" is registered all over Portugal and in the world it is sold as Pastel de nata. Even that the recipe is not the same, there are really good one a little bit everywhere
  • In Finland you can taste the Pastel de Nata in the Hietalahti Market in the store Say Cheese. Delivered to your home will be a reality ( just wait for us)

So if you plan to go to Portugal or you are there, it is a visit that you have to do. Read more in their website.

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Source: Pastéis de Belém

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