• Elvas and Campo Maior olives

October 27, 2016

Portugal is a country of olive groves and because of that, a country of olive oil and olives.

Among the different types of olives that exist in Portugal, one of the favorites and that are PDO ( Protected Denominated Origin) are the ones from Elvas and Campo Maior.

This olive is the fruit of the olive tree of the Azeiteira, Carrasquenha, Redondil  and Conserva variety.

One of the particularities of this olive is that can be also filled with herbs. To the consumer, it can be presented in "Green slight sweet"; "Green, natural and pressed" and "mix olive shredded".

Because of the average temperature of the region, it's perfect for the process of brine fermentation. Since the 50's that this region is known for the production of good olives and olive oil.

The best of this olives is that besides doing good olives they also do good olive oil.You can read more about this small pieces of good flavor here



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