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November 02, 2016

There is yellow, green, reddish, longer or shorter, sweeter or juicier, pears are an amazing fruit and one of my favorites. Especially when they are juicy and harm it's such a good flavor.

Pears the same as apples have their origin from Asia, arriving in Europe mostly from the Romans.

We all know fruit is healthy and pears are no exception. Full of vitamins B and also A and C. Pears have about 30 species and some of them can be mistaken as apple because they don't have the pear shape, like the Nashi pear for example.

In Portugal, the most known pear variety is "Pera Rocha" that is typically Portuguese. It dates from 1836 in Sintra. The name comes because the seed was obtained on Pedro Rocha's farm. It's produced in the west region of Portugal and per year is exported around 53 ton of fruit all over the world been produced around 190 tons. The pear is known for being hard and firm, crunchy and juicy. This pear is also certified with the Protected Designation of Origin ( P.D.O). One of the best Portuguese combinations is Rocha pear with Port wine, you can taste it from here.

In Finland, in the Southern, there are some productions of pear. The most known are the Aunen pear and August and Hovsta.


From all the producers in the world China, Italy, Usa, Argentina and Spain are the biggest producers.

Many uses for a pear: fresh, canned,  dry, as a juice. One of the best use is used them in dessert ( poached pear among many many others). 

Want some inspiration? Here are some recipes:

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