• Casa de Mouraz, a story told by two

March 23, 2017

In 2000 Sara and António left Lisbon towards Dão, changing their lifestyle and becoming winemakers of exclusively organic wines certified by Ecocert: Casa de Mouraz wines.

The farm has different soils and changes from 140 to 400 meters of altitudes. Because of that, the range of their indigenous grape goes from Touriga Nacional to Tinta Roriz, Agua Santa, Bical and Encruzadinho and Alvarinho for the whites.


After 2009 they joined the group of Renaissance-des-appellation, a group of biodynamic producers


In 2006, they create a new project where they do wine outside Dão region but also respecting the principles of ecological agriculture: In Douro, the vinho verde and the Alentejo in the plains. 


From the Dão, as a red, there's the Elfa with 30 local grapes varieties. From 2010 and winning the Bronze Medal in 2013 in Uk. Younger wine and if you like Alentejo wine they have Sobreiro ( cork oak tree) a topically Alentejo wine.


If you want to know more about organic wines or taste them, Casa de Mouraz is where you should start. And take a wine to see their website to see their amazing pictures and know more about the wine

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