• Cartuxa Winery

August 10, 2016

One vineyard that worth a visit in Portugal is the Cartuxa winery. Was created from the Eugénio Almeida Foundation among the Cartuxa olive mill and Cartuxa wine tourism.

The Foundation is a private own company based in Évora where its statuary aims are overall development of the region of Évora. Évora has a long old connection with wine and so the Foundation. The vines have been grown since the 19th century.

Among the wines, the Pêra-Manca is the most legendary where the red wines are made from the Trincadeira and Aragonez grape varieties and the white wines from Antão Vaz and Arinto.

The Cartuxa Winery is closely connected to the Jesuits.

The Jesuits set in Évora in 1551 and in 1559 create the University of Évora and in 1580 acquired Quinta Valbom (where the Wineyard is located). In 1759 they were expelled from Portugal and the Quinta Valbom was taken over by the State.

The name Cartuxa comes from the proximity to the Cartuxa Monastery. Many years later in 1869 the Foundation bought the Valbom and after the initiatives to plant vineyards gave the origin to the Foundation wines that still are done to day among the olive oil with such quality and love.

You can learn more here in their website.

So in your next trip to Portugal go to Évora and take a wine tasting and visit thei wineyard that makes you time worth.


Source: Adega Cartuxa


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