• A Dream of a Lady

October 16, 2016

Side by side the Douro River there are many wineyards, quintas and stories of Port wine, red and white wine and most of it, stories of people with a dream.And is one of those stories we will talk today.

In Vila Nova de Foz Côa, in 1877, Antónia Adelaide Ferreira  purchased 300 hectares of virgin land with the idea and dream of making a modern vineyard. Eight years after the project was complete was the Quinta do Vale Meão as we know it now but Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, unfortunately, couldn't enjoy much of it as she died in 1896.

Since then, the estate always remained in the hands of her descendants. In 1998 Francisco Javier de Olazabal with Nicolau de Almeida get together to producing, aging and marketing the wines from the Quinta through a new company, F. Olazabal & Filhos Lda acquiring the shares to the rest co-owners of the Quinta.

In this over 20 years, the Quinta has created many of impressive wine that has been awarded all over the world, including top 5 in the Wine Spectator in the last years.

It was in this Quinta that the Barca Velha was made.

Among the wines, all of them deserve to be here mentioned, but we let you see their website to know more about them. Even though the red Quinta do Vale Meão 2014 and the Port Quinta do Vale Meão Porto Vintage 2014 are our favorites. 

The Quinta and its soil is such good quality that besides the wine also quality olive oil is created as the Quinta do Vale Meão 2015 is proof.

See their website to know more about their wine and history and when you have the chance taste one of their amazing wines to taste quality from generation to generation and search for perfection in a shape of a bottle.


Source : Quinta Vale Meão




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