• Organic Peppermint tea

May 03, 2016

Soon Good Stuff goes online and you can taste our products no matter where you are.

Till then, we want to talk about the first products that we are going to have for you to decide which are the ones you want to buy.

One of our teas, is going to be the organic peppermint tea from Cantinho das Aromáticas. The harvest from this tea use a technique that only have been used in traditional teas till know..During the hot summer months, only the fresh bud growth is harvest, which is rich in essentials oils and free of those compounds that create the bitterness of the common herbal teas.

Better than this, if the fact that this tea (among any other teas or spices from this producer) are organic, and Kosher and GLOBALGAP certification.

The result is a tea refreshing with a tang of pepper in a explosion of mint.

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