• Olive oil and its history

May 03, 2016

When it comes when the olive oil come from, it is still a mistery. Some say from Persia, vales do Nilo, some say that the cultivation start on Crete on 5000 B.C.

One thing is certain. Olive oil cultivation come from a long way, long long time ago, and Greeks, Roman, Egyptians and Phoenicians help spreading the “word”.

Olive oil comes from olive, the fat that comes from it.

It is been used for illumination, cosmetics, soaps but of course in cooking is where is it most know, specially in Mediterranean countries.

In Portugal, it’s presented by the Visigoths, but it was the Arabs after conquering the Iberian Peninsula in the 17 th century that the culture and plantation were expanded.

Olive oil in Portuguese is azeite that comes from the arab vocabulary  “az -azait”.

Spain, Italy and Greece are the biggest producers in the world. In Portugal in Alentejo there is the biggest olive grove in the world  and one of the best.


Olive oil is also important because if the Mediterranean diet considered by many nutritionist one diet that contains everything that our body needs and where olive oil is one of the heroes.

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