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May 03, 2016

Who went to buy wine in Finland certain have saw or even bought and taste the Esporão red wine reserve. In 2012 it won the best wine in Finland by the Viini magazine.

Coming from one of the most important wineries and one of the best in Portugal, Esporão always have been pushing the quality of Portuguese wines in general and Alentejo region in particularly a step forward. But how is the wine making happening and how are the winemakers behind it?

Starting from the Portuguese-Australian David Baverstock, a major figure that has contribute so much for the image of our wines. Luis Patrão the responsible for Esporão reds and Sandra Alves for whites and rosés, making them a perfect team to create each wine different, special and amazing.

The wineries were constructed in 1987 and it includes 3 different sections with different technologies and adapted to each wine produced.


Above a small video about the winery .


After this process comes the one of the biggest attractions of Herdade do Esporão:. The cellar.Buried 12 metres deep. It houses around 1500225 litres bordalesa barrels. Besides the barrels there is also room for aged the wine after is bottled.

And all that and much more makes the Esporão wines so special. See their webpage to discover more about their wines and how they make it.

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