• Pear with port wine jam

May 03, 2016

When a jam is good, everybody likes it to put in on the bread, or in that cheese plate. If you had a good port wine on it, it’s a match made in heaven and that’s what we have.

We know that Quinta Jugais  always brings products of good quality, no preservatives, no artificial colors but they always surprise us with something better every time.

From their rare range full of different flavors and combinations, this one is one of our favorites.  Being port wine our desert wine of election added to the sweet rocha pears grown in Portugal, this jam is something to wait for. Two of our passions that got together.

Good as its own, try it on your cheese and charcuterie board or on top of a ham pastry and enjoy full flavors that you will want more and more.

The best of it? It’s already for sale in Hakaniemi Market, in Parhiala

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