• Lemon Reserve verbena tea

May 03, 2016

This our producer has unique products. With their urban agricultural eco-system, being unique in Western Europe they produce over 30 aromatics herbs all of them 100% biological agriculture.

Among some other awards they have the 1st Iberian Award for Outstanding Agriculturist in Innovative Activities(2008); 1st prize for Innovation for sustainability (2011); Rural life Award-Agricultural company of the year (2013) and Great Taste Awards(2014) 3 stars( the highest award) for Lemon Reserve Lot.Only 153 products won that awards among 10000!

And it’s about this one we want to talk about today.


The reserve lot comes from a experiment… A harvest technique that was used only in the world of traditional tea until now.

During the summer they harvest only the fresh young bud growth which is richer in essential oils and free of those compounds that can create the typical bitterness of common herbal teas.

From that “experience” the Lemon verbena comes with a intensity of the aroma without the bitterness but smooth. It has a fruity flavour with a note of lemon.

It’s suggested for anxiety and good digestion but with that flavour is perfect for any moment alone or with the perfect company

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