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May 03, 2016

Few things are better than biting a ripe plum full of juice and get that sweet and amazing flavor in one bite.

Plums (Prunus domestica) date back in writing to 479 B.C. They were prominent in the writings and songs of Confucius which include a listing of popular foods of Chinese culture.

In 65 B.C., Pompey the Great introduced the plum to the orchards of Rome, and Alexander the Great eventually brought them to the Mediterranean regions.

Early American colonists found wild plums growing along the east coast, but today the common European plum has replaced the native wild plum in popularity and as a commercial crop.
Plums are now one of the most popular fruits in the world.


Like if the flavor was not good enough, plums are also low in calories, don’t have saturated fat and help the digestive system.When ripe is full of vitamin C and normally are full of potassium and iron.

Normally the best time for the plum harvest is from June till August but it can changes and be different in other places.
There are basically 2 types of plums, the Europeans with less water and more solid, being good to let it dry and the Japanese, more juicy better to be consumed fresh

Ribatejo and west are the biggest regions of plum production in Portugal. After is Alentejo.

In Alentejo the varieties are between Rainha Cláudia Verde, Stanley and Japonese varieties.In Ribatejo and West among many varieties stand out the Black diammon, Blackamber, Black beaut, Fortune and Songol.

Check out our jams and use our plum jam in:

  • In cheeses ( goat, cream, smoked, gouda)
  • Sauces for steaks
  • Ice cream
  • Fillings for cakes
  • Milkshakes
  • Much more

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