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April 30, 2016

One of our favourite products is our tomato jams. When you think of tomato, jam is not the first usage that comes to your mind but after you try it, i guarantee that is a must to have to eat with a cracker, with cheese or in any other way you feel like it.

And because of that, today we talk a little bit more about the tomato, the history about it, the jam and what can you do with it.


Tomatoes originate from the Andes in South America, where they grow wild in what is now Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador. They were first cultivated by the Aztecs and Incas as early as 700 AD.

Around 1492 Tomato was brought by Europe with the Columbian Express.

After the Spanish colonization of the Americas, the Spanish distributed the tomato throughout their colonies in the Caribbean. They also took it to the Philippines, from where it spread to southeast Asia and then the entire Asian continent

Tomatoes even that they are cultivated all world around, they can’t stand in lower temperatures or high temperatures.It grows better with temperatures between 20 and 26 ºC.

The poor taste and lack of sugar in modern garden and commercial tomato varieties resulted from breeding tomatoes to ripen uniformly red. This change occurred after discovery of a mutant “u” phenotype in the mid 20th century that ripened “u”niformly. This was widely cross-bred to produce red fruit without the typical green ring around the stem on uncross-bred varieties. Prior to general introduction of this trait, most tomatoes produced more sugar during ripening, and were sweeter and more flavorful.

Tomato Nutricional

Tomato has very rich nutritional and culinary properties: Low calories, low fat and carbs, and has like any vegetable cholesterol free

Tomato in Portugal

 In Portugal the areas with more tomato production are the west, south (Algarve) and Porto. Among this regions, various types of tomato are produced

The Jam

Tomato jam (also referred to as tomato jelly) is a type of fruit preserve prepared with tomatoes and sugar. Green tomatoes are used in some preparations. Some preparations may use honey, and some include bacon. It has been described as “a cross between marmalade and ketchup”. Some commercially prepared varieties are produced. It is sometimes used in the preparation of sandwiches similar to a BLT, using the jam in place of tomato.

In 1840 in the United States, a recipe was published in the American Farmer that involved straining stewed tomatoes through cloth, adding an equal amount of sugar, and then boiling the mixture for a few hours.

In 1843 in the U.S., a recipe for preparing tomato jam was published in the Boston Cultivator. The preparation process included rubbing stewed tomatoes through a sieve, adding an equal amount of sugar, and then stewing the mixture into a jam


  1. Slather on a grilled cheese sandwich.
  2. Stir into a lentil or coconut curry soup.
  3. Dollop on a bowl of white beans.
  4. Serve with fried eggs and bacon.
  5. Garnish a crab cake.
  6. Use as the T in a BLT.
  7. Toss with avocado for a quick relish.
  8. Substitute for some of the molasses in baked beans.
  9. Smear on a biscuit or bruschetta with a creamy cheese.
  10. Whisk into a vinaigrette.
  11. Add red pepper flakes for a spicy jam and mix some into grilled corn stripped off the cob.
  12. Dab the spicy jam on a pizza, top with caramelized onions and some blue cheese.
  13. Cottage cheese and tomato jam, go for it!

Hungry? Get our tomato jams and create your own combinations of flavour.

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