• Boa Boca

April 30, 2016

One of our producers is from the region of Alentejo more exactly in Évora. Boa Boca, or in English “Good mouth or tasty mouth”,  is a portuguese food brand (since 2004), who combines the design with the traditional food products. Working with a local small producers, creates and develops high quality food products. The brand was been recognized with some of the most prestigious design awards.


All the producers are well chosen to mantain the quality and the tradition of the products.

Behind the design and package there a product that taste tradition and quality in every spoonfull.

My favourite off all of them it has to be the tomato jam. It’s 280 gr of pure pleasure. So good that you can eat it as it is, but try to add it to any type of cottage cheese, or ice cream and taste pure pleasure.

If jam are not your strong, they also have handmande cookies and chocolate( no milk added), dried fruits and good quality olive oils.

So if you end up going to Evora,Portugal take your time and go to their store and see what all that they have to offer.

In Finland you can contact us if you want to know more about this products.

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