• A food lover’s guide to Alentejo

April 30, 2016

Anita’s blog  is a food blog of a couple. based in Switzerland and travelling around the world in search of good food.

It was difficult to search the best story of Portugal that it’s on the blog, so the choice end up in one that mean more than the other to us, because it talks about the Alentejo flavours, it’s traditions, it’s wines, meats and cheeses.This one. Where she talks the local markets  of Alentejo, how important is bread and how surf and turf is served( Carne porco alentejana is a good example)


But take some time in her blog and discover also stories about Portugal like this one, or this( where they talk about the region of the new products that Good Stuff is bringing to Finland) or even this one, and much more…

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